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tv   Newsline  PBS  October 17, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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"newsline."er cherine the japanese governmentmoving forward with its relocate station to okier siteprefecture. but opposition loc the defense
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the and a may convey the governme end thens to hand environmental they neenor to runwayuilt ont the contents of assessment plan are yet, butasy to landfill of then the plan is the mayor considering public opinion in deferring to t the united states se to th rels. president barack obama tangible
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atlas wan president move forward on a p accord with he laid out year vision n >> translator: we placed higher pri economics >> he notedy consider the n relati both sides of thestraitut he wouldn't start taiwane and are under supervision.election in s with china are a amid groerns over north s foodshortage
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the ficial is countrynto then. undersecretary-general pyongyang on monday. shminister pak kil yon and sit, amos is expected todiscuss international fo hope to see for myself ion. i' th province distributed there.ffered serious mmer.ited nations is seeking internatiornational contributions
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the hat food aid could be diad of reaching those th from cattle younger arecountry,the age limit may b 30 mos were placent mad cow reaching the market. the c referred vin tainted beef 2003 or inains and removed. says
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restrictions should beher. it says the isther no tested positiv u.s. for four years, and thefed it would be in standards adopted countries. easing bee nd by the restrictions as it is also resumings from france and the ne the calmed down globally years informbout the >> the minutes and hnd tsunami tha northeastern march, one so fartle swept away
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tsunami a seaame. new safety called for to this sort ofg out in. shortl 11 bay miyagih with from of building shows away a oil tsunami waves surk secondster, a tank slo a the earthquak oil tanks linedshore. them w moor the others wer the from the tanks across the surfacebay.
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the t fixed in pla prevent damagetrong tsunami submerged the causi them to and float upwards.f there's enoughhe tanks will not if they are a almosto pre them from floating. >> seaside locations japan, many of similarly effectedtsunami. a the indonesian sumatra washed lined up onore. japan'esponded bymmittee to study
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to occurrences and report inanel largest possible ld be height of would onlyys and would loose or floatno safety measures after the report in. aims to set of concret safeguard threat tsunami i chemicals a new panel draft a proposal the government by year. legas will then be passed ber ood agency for her agriculture. the u.n. food and agricult
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62-year-old sakormer. city and is the first japaneto be awarded by the fao.ceremony was held in the thai princess presented the anzai grows other fruit with her h work th high yields.she has also organized a etwork that studies agriandpoint. the fao says anzai's win will boo the march 11th disaster and gn language ]>> anzai's home and warehouse ami, but she offered
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food and support to those who fled their homes ne the fukushima having a great onroduce rice of the leading rice growing rice crop for ra11th disaster. as a result, all of the rice safe by the national standard ar crisis prompted the g about 7,000 farms.e
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>> r of 3 south of the crippled nu e coesidents have not returnedits for the harvesting s this 68-year-old never left th vi >> translator: be everywhere, and you see es of the ce over there. but now >> repon after the march 11 tsunami, mo
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households in the village the village had ed the government decision lant rice, but he insiste pl >> translator: thi ssential to make detailounts of radioactive cesium. you cg. >> reporter: harvest day has >> translator: nothig rice.out
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one ton of rice thisy except for a small amount ne for radiation checks. is banned must b even if it's free of radioacterials.ted all fter the harvest, not a rice plant c of the presen. abou care for so many month
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someone farmers in this remote village doing nothing would leave them ead. breaking the stalemate. >> reporter: t available in november.iolates the farming ban rice as harvested to checkivation was prohibited have ss beyond words. meanwhilrice are concerned
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about efecture says it to stop and to promote t we gour bureau inbangkok. tie land ising up toequences of its worst at to ban eased sool remains
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waters continue to down from the a eporter: the feared deluge in averted, but p rive canals vi as thailand fl at least307 lost than2.3 of situation other major was inundated edge of the waters from c
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sandbags and hit zone. roduction ordered employees t >> translator: i feel afr handle it. there might bedamage. ldest site in the victim to the the that economy dama could $3 billion. situation serious. to many homesswamped.cording to it is1.5 million re the worst the country in
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more lives so rain stillg, this regional stillover. philippines and united states havet military in the sea. the drillsttempt to has been in the disputed about filipino a are in 12 days incross the it is the second t that thedrills commander said exercises demonstration their close
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>> the island disputed philippine military imate and t maritime borders. the philip china which sovereignty e south china region. chin expanding there, vessels and fis patrol staens,urs of har imaginatio place intoorm of flower to amp shadework filled thismanilla.
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artwo createdipino artist. the 34-y to misconceptions >> there are tim it is just. thse i don't do craft. not mass ircles and w recurring thle of st can shar agency and with vis galler upetin. time to check the mark
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loo global forecast witsakiochi. weather up skies forjapan. off open looking northward the n start bringing japan,wednesday, should
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largely dry fortoday. for japan, first of the sght. all of t ist, and some of the likely place.nd the nippines. wet especiallyke vietnam andsouthern end peninsula. hi coming in atdegrees. coup from 22 degrees shanghai, anin tie pay. warmer here. amivity continues in the looking atloud developmen active syste bring in heavy rain conditions
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to aexico to cub in sections of ystem is northwll bring precipitationuth.ple of systemsad eastward. looking wght and getting some areas amounts of tly across canada active system has be this is starting to lose it will be up and wi as st britisha staying on side. mostly here are lots of coolin. de cooler degrees in you as east coas 20 expected in looking to
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up to and at europewest corner looking at l we have a developed systems tha to bring in that willo the central finland the balticates. this is notlot, british sca will continue in sea looking s and tion no 14 in warmer for 25. 29 degrees in look at your here is your three day outlook
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ourory, the japanesward to relocate the from another the same but it faces s fromalrnment.
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defense okinawahe may c government's year tnt is planninover it's o environmental impa central government nvernor to runway to bel site off t coast. the contente are nyet. but to accept la when >>ratic administ is not co defer united sta appears to be resolution
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to issue.ama noda for pr month's summit visitors at east of tokyo were treat a specialwhen a chef prepared gods ritual reportedly dates about pray for a e is dedicated to t of the chef cut touch the gods feel likeenef, so my towardsill > that wraps up
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of "newsline." kobayashi in tokyo.
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